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Mental health & wellness for your community.

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The Guardian Training Institute is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization funded through the generosity of individual doners.  Please consider donating so that we may provided needed programs to help serve the community. 

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The Guardian Training Institute is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization with the mission of bringing awareness to mental health issues within the emergency responder profession. Our MISSION is to provide the highest level of Emergency Responder Wellness programs, Peer Support programs, Counseling and Therapy services, as well as community-based programs like Crisis intervention and De-escalation training.


Our plan includes completing a needs assessment and the strategic development of a program that addresses elements identified through the evaluation. Our programs concentrate on improving the mental wellness of department members through the process of awareness and focus on breaking the social and cultural stigma of seeking assistance. As a result, the organization will benefit from healthier staff resulting in a decrease in sick leave utilization and a reduction in department liability associated with employee misconduct. Healthy employees are better equipped to serve the public.

The training at GTI is designed to have a major impact on communities with the use of Crisis Intervention training, De-escalation training, Mental Health First Aid training, Assisting individuals and Groups in crisis, as well as the Guardian Project. All of these programs are designed to give emergency responders the tools needed to divert individuals to mental health facilities, de-escalate highly emotional situations, assist individuals in crisis, and give emergency responders the confidence to intervene when a co-worker is doing something egregious or unethical.


The programs provided by the Guardian Training Institute are designed to have an immense impact on the community through proper training, counseling, and community collaboration. These programs are offered to emergency responder departments at low cost as government budgets are often a roadblock to quality training.

Take a look at what the Guardian Training Institute is all about.



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Iowa City, IA

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