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If you are interested in our Emergency Responder support services, please contact us through the Contact Us link for more information. 

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Critical Incident Support Services

During critical incidents, Emergency Responders need support, empathy, and understanding. Guardian Training Institute staff will come to your department after critical incidents and assist with group and individual debriefing, processing, and emergency responder support needs.  

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Peer Support Services 

One of the common issues that peer support programs face is that some employees may not feel comfortable reaching out to others within their department when they are struggling. Therefore, we offer peer support services as an outside participant to organizations whose individuals may be struggling.


Mediation Services

Employee mediation is a confidential, informal, voluntary process where a neutral party helps to resolve a conflict. It allows people to settle disputes and discuss their issues. A mediator can deescalate problems and encourage the people involved to express their concerns while respecting each other’s views.

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