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Wellness Program Development 

Guardian Training Institute offers customized Emergency Responder wellness programs specifically designed to meet the needs and desires of any organization. Research shows that there is a significant need for wellness programs as the PTSD and suicide rates among Emergency Responders skyrocket. Studies show that departments with wellness programs have fewer reports of excessive use of force, fewer sick days used, increased morale, improved community relations, reductions in burnout, decreased health problems, and many other benefits. The world of the Emergency Responder is changing, and wellness programs are a critical component of that change.

David Black, Ph.D. & CEO of Cordico asserts that “starting a wellness program has now become essential for every emergency responder agency for three reasons. The mental and physical health of our emergency responders nationwide has finally begun to receive the attention it deserves. The importance of mental wellness has recently been recognized by politicians, mental health professionals, and agency leaders of our police, fire, EMS, corrections, and dispatchers. The alarming statistics associated with suicide, PTSD, divorce, and cardiovascular disease, to name a few, have finally reached levels that can no longer be ignored. Secondly, a good wellness program can support our heroic emergency responders and give them the needed resources to overcome these heartbreaking statistics while maintaining meaningful and necessary careers. Lastly, mental wellness programs are one of the keys to resolving the recruiting and retention challenges many agencies face today. Unfortunately, many agencies have no idea where to start or what components would contribute to an effective wellness program. This is understandable, however, since emergency responder wellness programs will look very different than those in the corporate world, or even in the military”.

Wellness programs are an essential part of keeping Emergency Responders happy and healthy. When Emergency Responders are not mentally or physically well the service they provide to the community often suffers. Guardian Training Institute is available today to design a wellness program that will fit the needs of your organization.

**For more information or if you are interested in our Emergency Responder wellness program development services, please contact us through the link below.**

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