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The Guardian Project Training Program

The Guardian Project is a proactive peer intervention and active bystander program developed by the Guardian Training Institute. The program is designed to help Emergency Responders identify when they, or a peer, require assistance and provides them the skills needed to actively intervene. The program will provide active bystander skills to recognize changes in behaviors or mood so emergency responders can, and will, intervene when they witness a coworker committing a potentially unethical act that could cause organizational liability.

Additionally, the project is designed to provide the Emergency Responder with a basic understanding of the effects of trauma on the brain, acquire positive coping skills, and break down the stigma of mental health. The profession of EMS and Law Enforcement comes with unavoidable trauma that needs to be managed properly to avoid changes in our character and self-identity. If we are healthy and happy mentally, we will inevitably provide better service to our communities.

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**For more information or to schedule a training session please contact us through the link below**

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